At Allure we aim to satisfy all penchants and predilections, so in this regard we are delighted to offer you this stunningly sexy selection of PSE escorts, enthusiastic and yearning to fulfil your dirtiest desires.

A Porn Star Experience (PSE) is the polar opposite to the equally popular Girlfriend Experience (GFE). Romance and sensuality is replaced by mischievous, uninhibited passion. A sensual cuddle replaced with dirty discourse and a tender encounter with rough, porn-style sex. It may be no surprise given the name, the experience often is a roleplay scenario, derived from a male fantasy encountered in pornography and largely is focused around the more active and adventurous sides of sexual liaisons.

All of our deliciously naughty PSE escorts offer this unique and thrilling experience; the intricacies of what is on offer can be found either on their personal model page or through direct communication with the agency. As you can perhaps appreciate, many of our upscale ladies refrain from publicly providing a detailed list of the naughtier endeavours they love to indulge in with you, so it is imperative that you are candid and open with us as to what you would enjoy and require from your encounter, so we can facilitate the most suitable counterpart. We are unshockable here at Allure and you would be surprised, maybe, as to the limits (or lack thereof) of some of our seemingly demure and innocent looking ladies. From choking to deep throating, spanking to water sports, kinky fetishes and toys galore, not to mention the array of quite frankly mind-boggling positions, we are very likely to be able to exceed your expectations, however if we do not have someone who would provide a suitable PSE matched to your requirements we will always let you know; as we value our reputation built on integrity.

It would be perhaps easy to assume that a porn star experience provides nothing more than an emotionless and functional encounter; however the exact opposite is actually true. It is extremely intimate and uninhibited, necessitating a level of trust between both parties and it is therefore commonplace for our professional PSE escorts to require some time to get acquainted with you before they are delighted to provide the service you desire. Depending on the intensity of your fantasy, our ladies may request a short booking with you prior to your PSE experience. This allows you to work together; to explore your limits and fantasies and to ensure that you receive an authentic experience, one that up until now you have likely only imagined could exist.

Although all of our wonderful escorts here at Allure are incredibly erudite and sophisticated, as with many of the world’s most precious treasures, scratch the surface and you will find that there is far more to discover. Just because a lady can uphold a wonderfully tantalising conversation over dinner, doesn’t mean she does not enjoy having her hair pulled while lost in the intenseness of anal play. If she portrays a flawless lady in public, perhaps she loves nothing more than donning kinky outfits and being submissive in private. As we take the time required to form a meaningful relationship with our ladies; we are able to extricate this knowledge from them and as such ensure that we facilitate a mutually gratifying encounter.

Whether you are from London, or a distinguished gentleman travelling in from abroad, we recognise the excitement and exhilaration derived from such an adventure, however we kindly request that although your fantasy may originate from a porn style setting, our ladies do not allow any photography or filming of your time together.

With kinky fetishes and deviant sexual desires at the forefront of this experience, it really is not the appropriate option for everyone. Although it can of course be tailored in intensity to suit your fantasy, please make no mistake – if you are looking for the girl next door to arrive discretely in an elegant outfit and accompany you to an refined restaurant – then the PSE is not for you. Our website offers a wide range of alternative encounters and we are a staunch believer that there is a type of experience to suit everyone.

Likewise this type of booking is not generally suited to a lengthier get-away encounter. Roleplay and fantasy are designed to fulfil erotic sexual gratification and the level of intensity and passion that is required to authentically accomplish this can be exceedingly tiring, for both parties. If you are unsure as to what duration of meeting would suit you, please contact us and we can work with you to exceed your expectations.

At Allure we offer you only the most authentic experiences. We would find it embarrassing to present you with a lady who does not derive genuine pleasure from your fantasy. Most of our escorts only work on a part time basis, enjoying illustrious careers outside of Allure – they are not focused on the financial aspects of their passion, making themselves readily available, instead they too crave an intense and meaningful encounter, therefore it is often prudent to book and plan in advance. It is perhaps no surprise that the PSE is now one of the most highly requested services and as such availability at short notice is unlikely, so please don’t miss out on the most unforgettable encounter, call us today.

Many of our clients find it hard to resist leaving feedback regarding such incredible PSE encounters; they are often deeply surprised as to the intensity of the encounter. We highly appreciate this honest feedback, as do our escorts, as it allows us to strive to continually exceed your expectations. You may also find that a repeat encounter is impossible to resist!

If you have a long standing desire that you would love nothing more than to play out in a one off intense encounter, or dream of exploring different fetishes with one of our naughty PSE escorts, then give us a call today to turn your fancy into reality. Our naughty ladies offer incall and outcall experiences, tailored to your preferences, plus our friendly receptionist is always on hand to offer suggestions, recommendations and practical advice should you require assistance with your booking.