Pavyllon, Mayfair

Pavyllon, Mayfair

Pavyllon, located inside the Four Seasons, Park Lane. London’s chicest new French eatery

The world renowned, Michelin starred Yannick Alléno brings Pavyllon to London. With no less than 15 Michelin stars under his belt globally, you know that making a reservation at Pavyllon will be as delicious as it is expensive but worth it.

If you are looking to impress your date then simply make a date at Pavyllon. Whilst it is unquestionably a fine dining establishment within a five star hotel, Pavyllon still manages to have a serene and relaxed atmosphere. Not too relaxed, you must dress to impress here. No tennis shoes or baseball caps, at least not at dinner. After all, you are in Mayfair.

It is the small touches that make the biggest impact here

I know what you are thinking, that this is just another over priced restaurant in London with it’s muted tones and optical white table cloths. However, the service at Pavyllon really does set itself apart from other upscale restaurants in London. Your date will be offered a stool for her handbag, your water will be freshly topped up silently and you will not be rushed. It is the small touches that make the biggest impact here. Much like the portion sizes at Pavyllon.

At Pavyllon you and your companion can savour French classics made with the freshest British ingredients. Chef Yannick Alleno is know for his innovative cooking methods such as the “sous vide” meaning vacuum and “cryo concentration” meaning frozen extraction to concoct his exquisite dishes. You and your companion can just sit back and taste the incredible gastronomic delights. Although the cooking methods are unconventional and perhaps complicated the menu, thankfully is not. At Pavyllon you will find chicken, fish, lamb, prawns of course but it is all in the sauces here. Garnishes such as curried mayonnaise, kombu both, pomegranate veil and watercress coulis. A real treat for you and your companions taste buds.

Undoubtably expensive and reassuringly so however there is a slightly more economical lunch time offering at Pavyllon. For £55.50 you can enjoy a lunch time tasting menu of five courses. Ok, you are still looking at paying over £30 for a glass of champagne. No matter how nice you are to the head sommelier Baptiste Beaumard. However it is a wonderfully upscale and delightful restaurant that is world class, right here in old London Town.

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