Sabrina, is our sweet and sexy British babe

  • Location: Earl's Court
  • Stations: Earl's Court
  • Travel: -
  • Languages: English and Portuguese
  • Age: Late 20's
  • Height: 5"4" (165cm)
  • Statistics: 32b
  • Appearance: Brown eyes, None tattoos, None piercings
  • Shoe size: -
  • Sexual orientation: Bi-sexual
  • Preferred Drinks: White wine
  • Favourite Perfume: The One by Dolce & Gabanna and Chance by Chanel
  • Smoking: Non smoker but you may
  • Favourite Lingerie: La Perla
  • Alternative: Gift Ideas: Jewellery or flowers
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Sabrina is a very petite and lithe little thing, with small breasts and very slender legs. She has a pretty face with big brown eyes and soft kissable lips.

She is eager to explore all that London has to offer. Sabrina has great style and dresses her petite yet curvy figure beautifully. She sets pulses racing with her sexy dresses and chic lingerie. She is a very sexually aware young lady and enjoys intimate moments.

She would be the perfect dinner date companion or foxy girl to spend an evening at your hotel suite sipping champagne with whilst she shows off her extensive lingerie collection. Sabrina is here for a good time and not a long time, she has plans to travel next year so make a date with her whilst you have the chance. Speaking of travelling, there’s nothing more that Sabrina loves than a weekend get away to some of Europe’s sunnier cities such as the Portuguese city of Lisbon and she would love to visit the south of Spain. Especially the beautiful, lesser known Spanish cities such as Cordoba and other such Spanish gems.

Sabrina is cute, petite and very, very pretty and I think that she owes her exotic looks to her Brazilian heritage. She has an exceptional and all natural figure and I would describe her personality as being young, fun and easy-going.

Sabrina is very open-minded and offers all services fully inclusive. Luna is the perfect choice for those of you who like young, slender and completely natural girls.

Sabrina is completely bi-sexual and loves the company of other women and she prefers to duo with English blonde Evelyn. and she also really like fellow Brazilian babe Anais.

She’s great company, fun and outgoing and she’s a great choice for an hour or two of fun and she also really enjoys couples bookings which do not incur an extra fee as she really does loves playing with other like-minded women.

In her own words

Hello, I can describe myself in two words as an elegant and classy lady. I enjoy socialising, travel and dining out. I am really confident about my looks and brains and I am a very skilled woman in bed. king you happy is my sole desire and I will not rest until I know that you are fully satisfied.

I like… Travelling to unknown and exotic places because I’m more of an adventure girl. I spent my last 2 years travelling around the world, meeting new people, trying new cuisines and surfing. Food is one of my guiltiest pleasure and this is why I love dining out, socialising, of course over nice company. I like a guy that can challenge me both intellectually and sexually. I adore deep conversations about art or business. In bed I can let my desires talk for me, I am a giver that really cares for the other’s pleasure.

My strengths… I have a sexy and natural body, I am petite and slim. I also have an active sense of humour and I like to make people laugh. Like this I can see that they are enjoying my company and I enjoy their response.

It will be my pleasure to meet with you and I hope that you will, feel the same way too.

With all of my love

Sabrina is available for outcalls only and she is very part-time so advance booking is advised. Sabrina is happy to come and visit you at your apartment or London hotel. Bookings to Heathrow and Gatwick are also possible. Just give us a quick call and we will be delighted to arrange a date with our beautiful Brazilian escort.

Sabrina’s favourite London restaurants are Soho’s Bob Bob Ricard, Core by Clare Smyth in Notting Hill and she also really loves going to Locanada Locatelli in Portman Square.


1: Why do you escort?
The excitement and enchanting adventures beginning from that moment, a knock on the door, the whole mystery of it all, being naughty and wild seducing one another, totally does it for me!

2: If you could be a superhero (or villain) for a day, who would you most want to be?
I would definitely be Jessica rabbit-she’s sassy sexual, flirty and hot!

3: What fictional place would you most like to go?
The extravagant, glitzy showdown parties at, The Great Gatsby Mansion

4: Do you genuinely enjoy longer bookings?
To be honest, I don’t mind, I think longer bookings enable you to get to know one another and enjoy each others company. I’m laid back and down to earth, so I enjoy both.

5: We all have a guilty secret when it comes to music, what band or artist from the 80’s or 90’s do you listen to when no one else is around?

6: Which discontinued TV series would you most want to bring back?
I’m not a massive TV series kinda girl, I enjoy being out and about more.

7: What is your favourite position?
Bent over on all four’s, ass in the air, really hits the spot!

8: If you could go anywhere in the world on holiday, where would it be and why?
I love Thailand, all those beautiful island to hop onto, paradise!

9: What is the smartest thing you have ever done?
Im very fortunate to have travelled to many destinations, exploring, putting my happiness first and letting go, creating amazing memories.

10: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
Escorting, I love the double life, the sense of adventure and the buzz I get from it.

11: What is something everyone should do at least once in their life?

Help other people, donate to a charity.

12: What bores you?
Boring people

13: What is the most annoying habit that other people have?
Agh, I really don’t like it when people talk over you.

14: Which body part of yours do men/women compliment the most?
My sparkly eyes and smile, I get complimented on the most.

15: In your opinion, how many persons would the perfect sexual experience involve?
For me, the perfect sexy rendezvous, has to be myself, another women and man.

16: Your date would like to buy you a gift, but is concerned not to make an unwanted purchase. Are there gifts that you simply have enough of, or which would be best avoided?
I think any gift is a lovely gesture, and would be most great full.

17: Are you the kind of person who knows what all the little forks and spoons are for when at a fine dining restaurant but at the same time do you enjoy a beer and a slice of pizza?
Yes, i enjoy both, from sophisticated evenings out at a nice venue, or simply kicking back.

18: What is the most embarrassing situation a client has put you in on a date? Are there other such situations that you would really like to avoid in future?

Thankfully I have not encountered an embarrassing situation, however being intoxicated wouldn’t be the best.

19: If you could choose freely amongst all the persons in the world, living or dead, who would be your number one choice to have between your legs?

Zac Effron

20: If a client voices a stupid opinion to which you disagree, would you tell him/her so or would you nod in agreement?
Everyone has an opinion, it’s interesting listening to what people have to talk about, if we all had the same opinions, the world would be pretty boring.

Everyone has an opinion, it’s interesting listening to what people have to talk about, if we all had the same opinions, the world would be pretty boring.
21: What is your favourite quote?

A positive mind sets, brings positive things.

22: What is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and everything?

The belief of law of attraction.

1 hourn/an/a
1.5 hoursn/an/a
2 hoursn/an/a
3 hoursn/an/a
Additional hoursn/an/a
Dinner date(2 hrs in a restaurant plus 2 hrs of private time)n/an/a
Overnight up to 12 hours(starting at 7pm or later including dinner at a restaurant)n/an/a
Overnight up to 14 hours(starting at 6pm or later including dinner at a restaurant and breakfast)n/an/a
Rates for longer dates
1 dayn/an/a
2 dayn/an/a
Additional daysn/an/a