Inga, beautiful but eyed blonde

  • Location: Knightsbridge
  • Stations: Knightsbridge
  • Travel: UK and worldwide
  • Languages: English
  • Age: Late 20's
  • Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
  • Statistics: 32C natural - 24-24
  • Appearance: Bright blonde hair, baby blue eyes
  • Shoe size: UK 6 (EU 39)
  • Sexual orientation: Bi-sexual
  • Preferred Drinks: Gin & tonic, Champagne
  • Favourite Perfume: Miss Dior by Dior, Bad Girl by Carolina Herrera
  • Smoking: Socially
  • Favourite Lingerie: Honey Birdette, Agent Provocateur, La Perla
  • Alternative: Gift Ideas: Aromatherapy bath oils, experience days
Profile Interview Rates


Provided that you have followed the rules on etiquette page, Inga is happy to offer the following pleasures during your meeting…

French kissing, OWO, CIM, receiving oral,
Deepthroat, swallow, rimming (receiving only)
Role play (additional fee of £150), toys

Please note that all services listed above have been given to the agency by the lady herself as she has said that she would like them to be advertised on her profile and that she would be happy to discuss them with you on meeting with you. However, please note that they are always at the sole discretion of the lady and she ultimately has the right to refuse any services listed above without having to give any reason for doing so.


Our comments on Inga…

Inga, is an enchanting and stunning young woman. With her strikingly natural looks and sharp mind, she effortlessly attracts attention wherever she goes.

Her angelic blonde hair falls gracefully over her shoulders and perfectly matches her piercing blue eyes that shimmer with curiosity and determination. Inga’s enchanting smile radiates confidence and betrays her keen sense of self-assurance. Her elegant stature and confident demeanour leave an indelible impression on all who are lucky enough to cross her path. We believe that once a gentleman has met Inga, he will gladly repeat this rendezvous again and again.

She loves to dress her slim and toned body in the most incredible designer cocktail dresses and skinny jeans. As she herself admits, she prefers male company. We just know that you will love our natural, beautiful blonde. Do not hesitate and make a date with her today.

Inga’s favourite London restaurants are Bossa in Mayfair and The Beauchamp gastropub in Knightsbridge.

Inga is available for incalls at her apartment in Knightsbridge or she would be delighted to visit you at your hotel or private residence.

Her favourite London hotel is the newly opened Raffles Hotel in Whitehall.


Inga in her own words….

I am a very attractive, educated, passionate woman who will make your day better every time. Any guy would be happy to see my beaming smile since it is so captivating. I am kind and compassionate, sincere, and trustworthy. I’m really sophisticated and practical, dress incredibly well, and know how to look fantastic with little effort. However, my tendency to buy things is probably my biggest flaw. I explore the world in search of the most amazing apparel. I enjoy visiting the malls in Paris, Milan, Dubai, and New York; having quick access to these cities from London is a blessing.
I have a tremendous desire to build a good future and am ambitious. On the other hand, I enjoy telling jokes and making people laugh since I have a wicked sense of humour and sarcasm is my middle name. I favour fully savouring each moment. I enjoy finding novel experiences, getting to know new people, and travelling to exotic far-flung locations. I thrive on change with the confidence to take chances and forge my own route to success.

My likes: Harmony-making is what I really want to do. Being a spiritual idealist, I am sensitive to the opinions and feelings of others, which causes me to be picky about the companions I choose. I admire those that are cheerful and grin all the time. Those who can make me smile as well. Life is for happiness, and I want to be surrounded by as much of it as I can. I don’t have the time for misery. I love travelling and I’ve just returned from sunny Santorini which I adored.

Yet another huge turn-on is intelligence. I admire people who are open to having thoughtful conversations and are willing to debate culture, music, and other topics. I aim to direct my life’s journey in an intellectually stimulating company. It can almost seem like foreplay during an intelligent chat. I’m drawn sexually to someone who can have a meaningful conversation with me. I particularly appreciate being tested or challenged since it broadens my perspective.

Staying in castles or churches that have been converted is my second hidden obsession. The finest way to experience England’s royal past is to stay in historic locations. Even if it’s just for one night, I can pretend to be a princess while letting my dog run free on a castle’s grounds. I’d also like to learn more about American vineyards.

My dislikes: Imposters, economy flights, fake shoes and handbags—anything that is a replica – doesn’t appeal to me. I like individuals who are genuine, special, and distinctive and who pursue their own inclinations rather than simply keeping up with the latest trends. The fact that they have a strong sense of what they like may be more important to me than whether or not their taste is different from mine. I appreciate being among people who don’t mind sharing interests that set them apart from the crowd, whether those interests are in music, fashion, or food.

My strengths: My intuition and vivid imagination usually brings ambitions into reality that are noble, admirable and important. I prefer variety and not so good at following orders. Being freethinker, I am artsy and creative, with great eye for everything from fashion to composition.
I am a major fan of speed; I swiftly sort through my chores, giving the most critical ones priority, eliminating the time-consuming ones, and moving forward quickly. There are some things in life that are worth paying for in order to save time and energy and focus on things like happiness that money cannot purchase.

I put a high importance on time. I feel enormous responsibility to make sure my time is used wisely because I will never get it back if I waste it.

Inga is available for outcalls to Heathrow airport. Just give us enough notice and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

Hailing for Northern Europe, Inga feels at home in the cold and she’s a great companion for the festivities in London and for trips to Europe’s Christmas market this winter. She loves romantic weekends away and she says that her favourite destinations to visit are Copenhagen in Denmark or Frankfurt in Germany.

She loves to duo and we recommend blonde babe Adelle or our gorgeous Eva.


1: Why do you escort?
My interest in dating and committed relationships is diminished especially when the other person tries to mould you into someone you’re not. Since I enjoy being myself, doing what and whenever I wish, and being completely different, my wicked hobby of escorting fits nicely with my hectic schedule and is a lot of fun.


2: If you could be a superhero (or villain) for a day, who would you most want to be?
Catwoman because I consistently join forces with influential people for the greater good, use brains to further my objectives, and have a beautifully flexible figure.


3: What fictional place would you most like to go?
Pandora from the epic Avatar movie. Beautiful sceneries with floating mountains and imposing creatures can be found on the planet. At night, neon fluorescent lights illuminate the forests, illuminating each step. Travelling here would be a truly extraordinary experience.


4: Do you genuinely enjoy longer bookings?
Companionship is the key. Longer bookings are still too short if two people get along like a house on fire, so they become recurring bookings, which result in exceptionally well-planned and managed experiences which are my favourite.


5: We all have a guilty secret when it comes to music, what band or artist from the 80’s or 90’s do you listen to when no one else is around?
My favourite band to blast while driving in my topless car is Ace of Base.


6: Which discontinued TV series would you most want to bring back?
Inspector Rex. I adore dogs and have the utmost respect for their intelligence.


7: What is your favourite position?
I love them all. Variety is the spice of the life.


8: If you could go anywhere in the world on holiday, where would it be and why?
Miami is one of the most significant hubs for cultural fusion in the globe. I love coming here for both business and pleasure. Hawaii is then nearby if you want a more vacation-like atmosphere.


9: What is the smartest thing you have ever done?
Achieving complete independence in all spheres of my life, including work, relationships, and business. My life now revolves around partnerships of my choice.


10: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
Delivering a Lamborghini from London to the Mediterranean coast for a birthday gift. It was an exciting and picturesque drive.


11: What is something everyone should do at least once in their life?
Swimming with dolphins. Being raised out of the water by two dolphins and feeling their silky smooth skin feels like a dream.


12: What annoys you?
Drama and self-centered people.


13: What is the most irritating habit that other people have?
Parking too close to the line in a parking lot.


14: Which body part of yours do men/women compliment the most?
My eyes and smile are the most commonly discussed.


15: In your opinion, how many persons would the perfect sexual experience involve?
I had the good fortune to try out several sexual activities. In the end, I think that an affectionate connection between two people is best.


16: Your date would like to buy you a gift, but is concerned not to make an unwanted purchase. Are there gifts that you simply have enough of, or which would be best avoided?
Plants and candles. I get too many and I still prefer to create the ambience using lights. I adore technology.


17: Are you the kind of person who knows what all the little forks and spoons are for when at a fine dining restaurant but at the same time do you enjoy a beer and a slice of pizza?
I can maintain myself with elegance in every situation. Any date can become memorable with good company and engaging conversation.


18: What is the most embarrassing situation a client has put you in on a date? Are there other such situations that you would really like to avoid in future?
Even if your companion may be watching you out of affection, it may be quite embarrassing when they are always watching you, including in the bathroom. As a woman, I require some degree of privacy when travelling.


19: If you could choose freely amongst all the persons in the world, living or dead, who would be your number one choice to have between your legs?
Vin Diesel. Big softie and someone who I am sure would make me laugh as soon as he can.


20: If a client voices a stupid opinion to which you disagree, would you tell him/her so or would you nod in agreement?
Everyone has a right to express their opinions. I would be pleased to check facts in the first instance.


21: What is your favourite quote?
Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you.


22: What is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

1 hour£350£400
1.5 hours£500£550
2 hours£600£650
3 hours£850£900
Additional hours£250£250
Dinner date(2 hrs in a restaurant plus 2 hrs of private time)n/a£900
Overnight up to 12 hours(starting at 7pm or later including dinner at a restaurant)n/a£1800
Overnight up to 14 hours(starting at 6pm or later including dinner at a restaurant and breakfast)n/a£2000
Rates for longer dates
1 dayn/a£2500
2 dayn/a£2000
Additional daysn/a£1500