London Escort Reviews & Feedback

Why are feedback and escort reviews important?

Feedback and escort reviews are important because they give people like you valuable information about the lady you are thinking of visiting. I bet you looked at the lady’s reviews, right? They also tell us whether the lady is still good at her job and what kind of meeting suits her best.

How do I leave a review of the lady?

It’s very simple. Just fill in the feedback form, making sure to add the date you saw the lady and the name you used when you made the booking – don’t worry your name will NOT be published. You can add as much or as little information as you like. Just add what you feel comfortable sharing.

What does “handle” mean?

This is the name or “handle” that is displayed next to your review. It’s different from the name you used when you made the booking. Many people prefer to use the handle that they use of escort review sites. However, if you don’t know what to write, just say ‘Anonymous” or “Anon”. If you forget and accidentally use your real name, then don’t worry, we will automatically change it to “Anon”.

Why was my review not published?

Even if it’s a really good review, we can’t publish overly graphic reviews because many of our valued customers don’t like to read them. There are still several websites that publish London escort reviews and if you want to read highly graphic reviews then they are the best place to go. A little bit of info about the naughty stuff is ok but we cannot publish highly graphic escort reviews or feedback.

Can’t you just edit my review?

We could, but we won’t unless we’ve been able to contact you and get your permission to do so. Editing reviews means it’s no longer your review, and that’s a slippery slope. We prefer to keep the escort reviews completely genuine and unedited. I’m sure you can understand our reasons for this.