Locanda Locatelli

Locanda Locatelli

Fancy an evening on the town with a beautiful girl on your arm? Then Locanda Locatelli at the Hyatt Regency Hotel – The Churchill in Portman Square, W1H 7JZ, is the place for you.

Personally, I think you know what to expect from Locanda Locatelli. There is no circus, no fanfare or gimmicks here, just delicious Italian cuisine with wonderful and efficient service. A modern and elegant Italian restaurant that has a fantastic reputation and is loved by many Londoners.

We all know that Michelin stars aren’t handed out like sweets, so Locanda Locatelli must be doing something right. In fact, Michelin says of the restaurant: “High-quality cuisine worth a visit”. I always find it very relaxing; I know it’s a restaurant, but it somehow feels like a lounge. I think it’s because of the muted colours: shades of taupe, cream and beige and spotless white tablecloths. Maybe it’s also the wide selection of wines that relaxes me. With the Michelin star often comes high prices, after all, this isn’t Bella Italia. But I find that the food is competitively priced compared to many Italian chain restaurants. At the risk of sounding like I could peel an orange in my pocket, I’d say that you have to pay attention to the price of wine. One moment you’re looking at a bottle of wine you’ve seen on the shelves of Waitrose at an extortionate price, and the next it’s a Solaia Antinori for £675. If you love wine and think “to hell with the cost”, then you really are spoilt for choice. Locanda Locatelli at The Hyatt offers a wide selection of Italian wines from many different regions.

The food is simply fabulous. The bread basket is always mentioned when someone talks about this place. I know it’s just breadsticks and focaccia, but sometimes it’s really worth it, plus a portion of oil and balsamic. On the menu are the usual suspects you’d expect from an upmarket Italian restaurant in London. There’s plenty of pasta: risottos, linguine, gnocchi, but also a great selection of fresh fish dishes. If you’re a carnivore, you can have a rib-eye steak, a roast veal fillet or perhaps a slow-cooked suckling pig. It makes me hungry! The Michelin Guide doesn’t lie: the food is high quality and really worth a visit. It’s the perfect venue for a dinner date with one of our girls and if you are staying at the Hyatt Recency then even better!

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Locanda Locatelli
Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill
8 Seymour St