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Our beautiful Kings Cross Escorts, N1 are conveniently located in this bustling, metropolitan transportation hot spot north of Holborn. All of our gorgeous Kings Cross escort girls are no more than ten minutes walk from Kings Cross station. Over 20 million people enter and exit Kings Cross station per year. If you are one of these passengers then why not visit one of our an escort girl in Kings Cross whilst you are in town.

Kings Cross has undergone a complete transformation in recent years. As far back as the 1800’s it has been a pivotal industrial area. Thanks to the railway links it was an industrial transportation hub. Goods such as, textiles from the north and crops from the east. Manufacturing of these goods was big business here. Of course industries change, instead of gas works and factories we now have Google and Nike head offices. In no small part thanks to £2.5 billion being injected into redevelopment of the area. Looks like the investment paid of. Kings Cross is now a desirable area to live and work. Our Kings Cross escorts love the fashionable shops, upscale eateries and fantastic transport links. Furthermore, in just over 200 years the area has gone from a secondary and tertiary industrial area to much more of a quaternary and quinary sector of London.

This is evident in the residential properties of Kings Cross. Of course there are still a few terraced homes and townhouses from the 1800’s still. However a lot of the former warehouses have been converted into apartments or space has been made for brand new shiny glass encased luxury flats. Moreover, no wonder our Kings Cross escorts choose to live in this energetic neighbourhood.

King’s Cross is a model of constructive conservation that captures the special quality of London as it has grown over the centuries. – The National Trust

Kings Cross, the UK’s 9th used station

You may have just arrived at Kings Cross via St Pancras from the Eurostar. Maybe you have commuted into London from somewhere up north or from even the east of England. You might be here for work perhaps in technology or the creative sectors. It is possible that you are a huge Harry Potter fan. Whatever your reason for finding yourself in this area of London you may want some company. Coupled with the fact that it is fast paced and lively area of town it is very anonymous here. Equally important is discretion and in Kings Cross you could be here for almost any reason. Fortunately our beautiful and friendly Kings Cross escort girls are close by for your convenience.

Noteworthy hotels

The Standard, 10 Argyle St, WC1H 8EG

The Standard set up shop in Kings Cross back in 2019. The Standards first foray into Europe having started out in Hollywood’s Sunset Strip back in the late 90’s. No coincidence that this fun, west coast American, 70’s inspired hotel giant decided to open across the pond. Specifically in Kings Cross. They join other west coast businesses such as Google and Universal Music just a few steps away. From California to Kings Cross. Attracting celebrities and creative professionals alike. Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner and Madonna have all apparently stayed in Standard properties. Therefore it is a hotel used to beautiful ladies such as our Kings Cross escort girls. A retro paradise for hipsters visiting London. Expect kitsch but luxurious rooms. Additionally, lots of geometric print and achingly cool art work. The kind of place to unwind and have fun in style.

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