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At Allure, we choose to represent only the most delightful International escorts, who are celebrated for their beauty, open-minded outlooks and their continually excellent feedback. So, if you want to treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence by booking a holiday with a charming and intelligent young woman, one who is interested in what makes you happy; then one of our gorgeous International escorts will surely be the perfect choice for you. Put your trust in Allure and you will experience the trip of a lifetime, one that you will remember fondly forever.

While dinner dates and overnight bookings are ever prevalent, there really is no experience to rival that of a divine vacation with a stunning International escort. All of our exquisite ladies would be delighted to accompany you and revel in developing a bond that such an encounter permits. In fact, a wonderful distraction overseas: maybe a city break to Amsterdam, or to an exotic destination with tropical beaches, is the most overlooked – but coveted option. What could be better than an all-embracing, unhurried adventure? Establishing a profound connection and witnessing your special companion flourish in such diverse settings and locations. Wearing a tantalising dress to a dinner for two, a sexy bikini on a wonderfully secluded beach, plus of course an array of simply sublime lingerie for your eyes only, an idyllic getaway is something to really cherish. If you would like to experience the decadence of such an adventure we are adept at tailoring your requirements and will help you to make your dreams a reality.

If you find yourself spoilt for choice and are not sure which of our gorgeous young ladies will be the right fit for you, then just fill out our booking form and we will be happy to help you with a recommendation of which one of our International escorts would be most suited to your requirements. Equally we take great pride in being an approachable and amenable agency, so if you would like to speak directly with our friendly receptionist she is always able and willing to provide assistance when required.

When completing the form make sure to mention what your priorities are. Let us know what is most important for you and don’t just focus on the obvious things such as body type and services; as that information can easily be found on the lady’s page. Instead, try telling us what your interests are. Do you want your International escort to be a sporty and active lady who would love to go hiking with you or would you prefer someone who appreciates architecture and art galleries? Are you a foodie or a history buff? By letting us know all of these things, we can try to steer you towards a lady that will be the perfect match for your needs.

Allure is an upscale boutique agency in London, focusing on providing a personal service to our discerning gentlemen. We have decades of experience facilitating these type of encounters and take great pride in offering only the most glamorous yet elegant ladies for your consideration. We appreciate the significance that is involved in selecting such a companion for a longer booking; it is vital that not just physical appearance is considered but also personality too. It would surely be frustrating and disappointing if you were not able to fully appreciate the treat of spending your vacation with an amazing woman if you did not also share a connection on a deeper level. At Allure we are experts in this field and you can be confident that no matter the duration of your adventure, we will help you select the perfect companion. Our reputation is based on integrity and trust, many of our clients have been with us since our conception and in this regard if we do not believe that we have a lady who will provide you with the most unforgettable experience then we will be honest and tell you.

If you are searching for some inspiration you will find our website particularly comprehensive. With a blog category solely for travel destinations, you can find some great choices there, including hotels and eateries, impressing your companion with local knowledge and comfort as soon as you arrive. All of our wonderful ladies are the most pleasing mix of elegance and exuberance, ensuring that they will be the most satisfying companions for an extended get-away.

It is good to remember that planning is everything; we always recommend booking no less than 72 hours in advance. This is because all of our International upscale escorts have very full and active lives outside of escorting and cannot simply just jump on a plane with a few hours’ notice. Planning in advance also affords to the option to book the best hotels and restaurants, get better deals on flights and also to ensure that you get the lady that is perfect for you. Plus it also allows you plan how you might like to spend your time throughout your vacation – our stunning companions are all highly educated and erudite therefore they would enjoy the culture as much as the cuisine, the conversation as much as the camaraderie, while still ensuring a sensual and special connection.

If you have specific clothing requests then please don’t be shy about mentioning them. Tell us what you would like her to wear and we will pass the information on to your companion. Remember that the lady wants you to be happy and she will only be too willing to accommodate your wishes as much as she possibly can.

At Allure we have been organising international travel bookings for years and we take great pleasure in hearing that both parties had an equally satisfying experience. Just be open and honest with us and let us do the same for you. A more comprehensive list of our terms and conditions regarding International travel can be found here and we also recommend browsing some of the informative articles in our blog such as etiquette when seeing an escort as this could be particularly useful for longer bookings.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your adventure with one of our sublime International escorts today!