International Escort Agency

International Escort Agency

Fancy a city break to Amsterdam or Prague? Or perhaps an other city further afield such as New York or Cape Town? Maybe relaxing on the beautiful tropical beaches is you thing? Does the sound of a week in the Seychelles or Antigua seem appealing to you? Or would you prefer a hotel suite overlooking the Amalfi Coast? Whatever your holiday style we have the perfect companion for you. Our ladies love to travel and our team of super hot international escorts are here for you to enjoy. As an experienced international escort agency we have some of the best international escorts for you.

So let’s start with introducing you to our International Travel T’s & C’s below.

The Terms and Conditions

At Allure we are exceptionally good at arranging travel bookings. Due to our years of experience as an international escort agency we have learned a few things in the process. Therefore, we ask you to read our travel T’s & C’s very carefully and more information can be found under Travel on our FAQ page. If you have any further questions about international travel bookings then please feel free to email us. We are here to help organise the weekend or holiday of your dreams.


The golden rule is to plan in advance. As much as we love to say “yes” to you it is impossible to arrange a travel booking with less than 72 hours notice. All of our ladies have busy lives outside of escorting so they need time to plan too. The more time you give us, the better prepared the lady will be. The better prepared the lady is, the better your trip will be. Simple. Also, ask yourself if your plans are realistic. Meeting one of our ladies at any city with an airport is very easy to arrange. When the location is “off the beaten path” it becomes more difficult for the lady. Please consider that every connecting train is a potential delay waiting to happen. So if you want the lady to meet you at your villa in rural Spain, we can arrange that. However, we expect the lady to be collected from the airport and taken by a car service to your location. Furthermore, always remember that flights cost much less when booked in advance and planning in advance will also save you money. So whenever possible don’t leave it till the last minute to arrange your trip.

Costs And Deposits

For all bookings outside London we require a 30% deposit of the total booking fee to secure the booking. This includes travel within the UK. This should be paid by bank transfer and we recommend using but of course it is your choice. In addition to this we require the full cost of tickets to be paid before any flights etc can be booked. It is essential that all travel costs are showing as “cleared funds” before any tickets will be booked. No exceptions to this rule can be made and before we can book the lady’s time we also require the 30% deposit to be paid. Furthermore you will be required to give the lady an extra £300 to cover travel costs such as taxi fares and food and drinks whilst at the airport. For trips that are very short notice i.e within 72 hours then we would recommend that all cost are transferred by Western Union. The standard rules apply regarding cancellations and the lady’s time and expenses.


Don’t worry. These thing happen. Should you need to cancel your booking 24 hours before the lady is due to depart your full deposit will be “put on hold” and kept for your next booking. However, should you need to cancel on the day of departure, then we should come to a mutual agreement on compensation for the lady’s time. This will depend on whether or not she has set off on her journey and, if so, how far into the journey she is. It is not unreasonable for her to expect to be compensated for her time but we will discuss this with you.

Distance And Duration

Bookings to mainland Europe would require the booking to be a of minimum “up to 24 hours” even if it’s a Eurostar journey to Brussels. Bookings outside of mainland Europe must be for a minimum of 72 – 96 hours in duration depending on the location and we can discuss with you at the time. The booking will be deemed to have started when the lady arrives at her destination.

Long Haul Flights – Business vs Economy

We always recommend that the lady flies business class for her comfort but there is some degree of flexibility on this and we can discuss this with you when you are making your booking.