Hidden Gems of Southern Spain

Hidden Gems of Southern Spain

The hidden gems of Southern Spain. From whitewashed mountain villages to flamenco dancing, from world-famous art in Picasso’s birthplace of Málaga to the scent of orange blossom in Seville – Andalusia is a region that never fails to enchant.

Seductive Andalusia is a stunning region in southern Spain, steeped in history and rich in character. It is perhaps best known for its rural landscapes and glittering Mediterranean beaches – not to mention the infamous metropolis of Marbella, but if you delve a little deeper into this wonderful cultural region, there are some truly delightful hidden gems to discover.

Most visitors flock to Seville, Granada and Marbella to enjoy the traditional tapas, flamenco and controversial bullfights – but there’s so much to discover outside these glorious cities, we suggest three wonderful places in Andalucía that are ideal for an intimate getaway with one of our stunning ladies.

One of Spain’s hidden gems, Osuna, is truly the ideal place for a romantic getaway…

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Sur, a secluded landscape full of olive trees halfway between Málaga and Seville, this beautiful Spanish pueblo is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway. This beautiful Spanish town is often overlooked by most tourists; however, if you are looking for a true Spanish experience, rich in history and culture, combined with beauty and charm, this is a hidden gem not to be missed. 

Osuna is a truly charming traditional white pueblo with a surprisingly rich architectural and cultural heritage. Here, white stucco houses line up, the streets are lined with orange trees, and there are numerous Renaissance and Baroque churches. The city has perfectly preserved its old town, and Unesco declared Calle San Pedro the second most beautiful street in Europe and declared the city an art-historical monument.

It is true that the first impression of Osuna is of its architecture. The magnificent 16th-century Baroque buildings are built of a warm, soft sandstone quarried nearby. There are at least three palaces, a church and various municipal buildings, all built of the same stone. The University of Osuna, founded in the 16th century, is the most outstanding building in the city.

The city has become world famous thanks in no small part to the television series Game of Thrones, as some of the most dramatic scenes in the series were filmed in the city and the local bullring, the Plaza de Toroz. Osuna is very proud of its involvement in the series, which is why the local museum now dedicates two rooms to a collection of Game of Thrones materials. Visitors can see replica weapons, helmets and shields as well as costumes, statues and artwork. There is also an extensive collection of photos from the filming and original autographs of the actors and actresses of the series.

You might think that a small town off the beaten track would lack wonderful culinary options, but this is Spain after all: you are never far from a wonderful tapas restaurant, especially near Seville – the self-proclaimed inventors of tapas. For those of you who have never tried these little appetisers, it’s not so much a way of eating as a way of eating, and in Osuna there are two particularly fantastic options to discover:

Taberna Jicales – C. Espartero, 9, 41640 Osuna, Sevilla

This great taverna offers conventional Andalusian cuisine with modern touches in a wonderfully traditional setting. Portions are rather large, so one or two plates per person will probably suffice. The potato salad with Galician octopus is particularly delicious when paired with a bottle of Rioja Gran Reserva.

Casa Curro – Pl. Salitre, 5, 41640 Osuna, Sevilla

A wonderfully quaint restaurant frequented by the cast of Game of Thrones during their time in town. They even created a special menu in honour of the protagonists, including a Khaleesi spinach, Arya salad, a Jon Snow chicken curry and even a game stew called Lannister.

Hotel Palacio Marques de la Gomera – C. San Pedro, 20, 41640 Osuna, Sevilla

The most romantic and idyllic place to relax after exploring the city is undoubtedly the . It is located on the second most beautiful street in Europe – so as you can imagine, it is very special. The rooms are traditional and furnished with antique furniture, while the large central courtyard has a beautiful octagonal fountain with a lion in the middle, surrounded by marble columns – all in all stunning. The restaurant offers a delicious selection of inspiring dishes – the perfect hidden gem for an unforgettable weekend with one of our gorgeous ladies.

Ronda in Andalusia…

One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Andalusia, radiating tranquillity, is Ronda, perched high on a plateau above the gorge of El Tajo. Founded in the 9th century BC, the city dates back to Islamic times, when it was lined with important mosques and rich palaces. The city has a colourful past in Spanish folklore and was a popular place for many romantics in the late 19th century. Several famous artists and writers have mentioned visiting Ronda, including Alexandre Dumas, Ernest Hemingway, Rainer Maria Rilke and Orson Welles. Discover this hidden gem for yourself and be inspired by this stunning place. Who better to do so than one of our stunning ladies.

Probably the most obvious, but no less enchanting, sight is a walk through the El Tajo gorge, at the edge of which rises a row of whitewashed houses. The triple-arched bridge is Ronda’s famous landmark, separating the old Moorish town from the new one, from which you have a fascinating view over the countryside. If you really want to experience the grandeur of the city, take a walk from the Plaza de Maria Auxiliadora and follow the path that starts at the viewpoint opposite El Campillo restaurant (a great place to have lunch). This path will take you to the banks of the Guadalevin River and the waterfall, a romantic spot that most tourists do not discover.

If you like breathtaking views, you could also enjoy the view at sunset from the Balcon del Cono. Located in the gardens of the Alameda del Tajo, look through the row of trees and find the iron balcony hanging over the cliff – perhaps not a place to go if you are afraid of heights – it’s 120 metres down – but it’s an exquisite and intimate experience.

As you might have guessed, Ronda is all about the view – it’s no different when it comes to finding a good place to sample the local cuisine. All the restaurants or tapas bars have a traditional menu (the region is famous for its Iberian ham with fresh tomatoes), but they all also offer stunning views, so any of them would make a beautiful backdrop for your stunning companion.

El Campillo – Plaza M. Auxiliadora 2, 29400, Ronda

El Campillo is one of the most beautiful places for lunch/breakfast, with a large terrace, beautiful flowers and a balcony overlooking the countryside. There is also live acoustic music here at certain times of the day.

Meson el Sacristan – Plaza Duquesa de Parcent, 14 29400 – Ronda

Tucked away in a cobbled square, this pub offers an intimate experience, with an attractive terrace, attentive waiters and delicious food, it really is a hidden gem.

The Catalonia Ronda – C. Virgen de la Paz, 16, 29400 Ronda, Málaga

There are several options for booking accommodation in Ronda, but perhaps is the best choice for your weekend getaway with one of our lovely ladies. With its infinity pool, jacuzzi and rooftop terrace overlooking Spain’s oldest bullring, the views really are second to none and the overall experience here is unparalleled. The restaurant has a stunning menu and the suites are full of character and offer magnificent views.

All bookings to Málaga, Seville or anywhere else in southern Spain must be for a minimum of 24 hours and we would be happy to assist you in organising your meeting via the online booking form.