Gifting Your Companion

Gifting Your Companion

Thinking of gifting your companion?

Everyone likes a gift. A present is in no way expected when spending time with one of our ladies but it is always appreciated and as the old saying goes “it’s the thought that counts”. The simple truth is that for any lady, your presence is a present enough but we understand that sometimes you want to show a token of your appreciation, or simply just to be a generous gentleman. Here are a few suggestions that always seem to impress the ladies:


Name a better sound than the “pop” of a champagne cork? A lovely way to break the ice with a lady is to cheers a glass of champagne together. Champagne is a treat for you both and it is the drink that signifies “celebration”. It does have to be Krug or Cristal to impress either. A fabulous bottle of champagne is sure to make your date even more special and more authentic.


One of the most popular gifts. Marilyn Monroe famously said she “wore 5 drops of Chanel No.5 to bed and nothing else”. What a deliriously alluring thought! Perfume is such a lovely gift to receive as it’s something that will give the lady pleasure every day. You will find your lady’s favourite scents under her profile page. There’s no need to break the bank buying high end niche perfumes, as a bottle of something lovely, purchased at a Boots store en route to your date, will do nicely.


Candles can be the ultimate pleasing gift. The objective in giving any gift is to be kind but to also elicit surprise and excitement; high end, designer candles tend to do just that. Whether it’s the ultra chic Diptyque of Paris, luxurious and classic Cire Trudon (both brands are available in Harrods and John Lewis) or British brand Ormonde Jayne, which can be fond in Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly, there are so many options. Many fragrance houses also have their own candle ranges. The fragrance of a candle isn’t as personal as a perfume, so you have a wider berth in terms of options. A lady can never have too many scented candles; they can really set the ambience and provide a relaxing atmosphere, reminding her of the thoughtful gentleman that gifted her such a lovely candle.


Flowers always brighten anyone’s day. What a lovely surprise to greet a gentleman bearing a beautiful bunch of flowers. It’s such a kind token and will set a wonderful tone for any date with one of our British London escorts. Roses are always a good option, as are any seasonal bouquets. However a bunch of springtime tulips can also be wonderful and I don’t know any lady who wouldn’t love to receive them. In fact, many of our ladies say that flower are their favourite gift as they are so romantic and thoughtful.

Gift cards

Gift cards are always a wonderful gesture. A gift card opens a world of possibilities and is usually always spent on a decadent treat; something a lady has had her eye on for some time and now she can splurge guilt free! London has so many incredible stores offering gift cards, you cannot go wrong with Selfridges, Harrods or Harvey Nichols. Gift cards will always ensure that your companion gets what she really wants.


Gifting your chosen lady with lingerie is a treat for you both! You can fulfil your fantasy in choosing the perfect seductive, yet sophisticated set of lingerie for your companion. What lady doesn’t like to feel beautiful and desired? When buying lingerie always consider what will make your date feel special and in return she will make you feel exceptional! You will find your chosen ladies size under her profile but if you need any assistance do not hesitate to call, or email reception where we will only be too glad to help. Myla, La Perla, Agent Provocateur and Aubade are all excellent choices.


What girl doesn’t like shoes? If you are feeling particularly generous and want to put a spring in your companions step then consider spoiling her with a pair of heels! Imagine how much your date’s eyes will light up as you hand her a Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Valentino or Aquazurra box; opening the box, unwrapping the tissue to reveal a gorgeous sexy pair of shoes that will make your companion feel extra special. Just imagine seeing your beautiful companion in nothing but her new heels, a gift for you both!


I’ve yet to meet a lady that doesn’t adore handbags. Ladies love handbags because they make a statement; they can show your style and personality, plus they are of course incredibly useful! A Chanel handbag is a classic and something your companion would keep for years to come. A handbag is a gift that will always impress and there are so many to choose from. I personally think you can’t go wrong with a nude or black handbag by your lady’s favourite designer. Whether it is a Chanel 2.55, a YSL envelope, a Christian Louboutin So Kate clutch or a Celine Phantom, the lady is sure to be utterly bowled over by a gesture like this. However, as this is definitely a big ticket spend, it’s probably best saved for someone you know really well and even then we’d say that it’s best to wait for a special occasion, such as her birthday.


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so what better way to make your amour smile than to present her with a small treasure. Whether you are thinking silver, gold, platinum, diamonds or pearls there is so much choice to impress your date with. A subtle bracelet or a delicate necklace is always a beautiful token of your appreciation. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to break the bank to buy nice jewellery; a simple pair of Chanel earrings, arguably cost a heck of lot less than a handbag yet are still just as impressive.


In the 60’s through to the 80’s we had the man from Milk Tray adorning our screens but these days ladies are known to be a little fussy when it comes to chocolates; they may be watching their figures or have an intolerance but chocolates can be the perfect gift to share together. Chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva are a sure fire romantic gesture.

If you are feeling particularly generous and considering gifting your companion then I hope the above suggestions have helped. If you ever would like any help or suggestions when gifting your companion, then our receptionist will always assist you.