The abbreviation “GFE” may be familiar to many of you but what does it actually mean? Exactly what type of service, more crucially, can you anticipate from such a lady?

Simply described, a GFE is an escort who delivers a “girlfriend experience”, or an intimate and romantic experience, for her clients. While it is typical for the date to be primarily focused on the sexual or intimate aspects, the lady will also make a concerted effort to create an atmosphere comparable to that of a typical date. In the same way as a genuine girlfriend would, a GFE will pay close attention to the client’s mental and emotional desires, in addition to their physical ones.

At Allure we value the prospect to work closely with you, as well as all of our exquisite GFE ladies, to ensure you receive a personalised experience: one that is truly significant to you. As we know each of our ladies personally, it affords us the ability to offer advantageous proposals as to who could be your ideal companion based on your requirements or desires.

What does it mean to you to have a girlfriend? Perhaps you don’t like to dine alone and are seeking delightful company as you enjoy a meal in a charming restaurant? Maybe you relish the opportunity to have someone to sit and talk to, to engage in profound insightful discussions, or perhaps just someone who is there to ask about your day, affording much craved comfort after an exigent day at work; that special lady you can pamper and indulge in life’s luxuries. Whatever you perceive your perfect “girlfriend” to embody; this is the enhanced and enriching experience our caring GFE ladies offer. As to be anticipated, indeed with any authentic relationship, reciprocation is a central characteristic and our GFE escorts relish in proving a very realistic encounter, they are attentive, genuine and love nothing more than guaranteeing your experience together is just as you imagine.

Typically, girlfriend experience escorts develop a bond with their customers; indeed it is therefore common for a customer to engage with the lady moving forward on a regular basis. In order to spend more time with her, the client would frequently request longer meetings, such as overnights or dinner dates, as well as more frequent visits. Unlike many other escorts, GFE ladies will enjoy partaking in a range of more fitting acts, at the client’s request, including French kissing. Since these services are included in the experience, a GFE lady will not charge extra for them. Additionally, the woman rarely adheres to the “check box” approach that some clients have; instead choosing to supply a more tailored experience to her gentleman’s desires and requests.

As well as any physical aspects to your encounter you may visualise, the concept of a true GFE experience (one that you will find at Allure) is that our ladies should also be highly intuitive, sensitive and also appreciate the necessity to be there for you in other ways too. Perhaps you have had a wearisome day at work and would just embrace a listening ear. Equally you may have a personal concern you would welcome counsel or support with – our ladies are forever discrete and professional so you do not have to be concerned about divulging your secrets.

Girlfriend experience escorts typically become friends with their clients; if this does happen, the client should acknowledge the fact that the lady is still working and be mindful not to overstep any boundaries. Feedback from our loyal and most valued clients indicate that this is one of the reasons they return again and again. Real life happenings pale into comparison to an Allure GFE escort and our discerning gentlemen savour the knowledge that our ladies know just how to provide pleasure, in more than one aspect of their life. We have been working tirelessly to create these relationships for more than two decades and we still take such pride and delight in learning that dates have been mutually rewarding.

We only provide girlfriend experience escorts at Allure, since we are conscious that this is what our elite clientele desire from an encounter. Our gentlemen do not want to squander their valuable time with a cold, unfriendly girl who does not enjoy the company of men and does not want to kiss. So when you call, you can be confident that we will ensure you have a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience.

As we have aforementioned, these encounters are generally reciprocal and it is not uncommon for our gentlemen to delight in pampering their companions in the same manner that they would spoil a girlfriend – whether it is designer clothes, thoughtful personal gifts, or even a holiday together! If this is something you are considering and would like to know in advance what your chosen GFE lady may welcome, her model profile page includes her adored brands and treasured gift ideas. We all know how appreciative sensual ladies can be when surprised with a wonderful gift.

In order to solidify our reputation based on integrity and trust, our boutique agency has devoted the last 20 years to facilitating the most fulfilling encounters. We carefully collaborate with you to guarantee that we only provide the best services London has to offer and therefore we highly value your comments and feedback. This in fact enables us, moving forward, to select only the ideal escorts for your GFE adventures at Allure. While we could easily fill our galleries with a wide range of ladies who work as escorts full-time, we prefer to find the ideal mélange of companions that will genuinely make your encounter unique and meaningful. Most, if not all of our ladies work with us part-time because they also have jobs outside of Allure. You can really have confidence in the fact that our ladies are with you because they genuinely savour the experience, rather than prioritising financial benefits. We have found that this offers a pleasing prospect for our clients, allowing them to truly indulge in the exquisiteness of a GFE companion who is compassionate, genuine, yet also highly sensual.

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