What can I do if I don’t like the lady when I meet her?

Sometimes people just don’t click. So if you are unhappy with your chosen escort you are not obliged to stay in her company.
If you decide to cancel the booking, you must do so within the first ten minutes. If this occurs, the lady would appreciate her travel costs being paid and a cancellation fee of £50 applies.

Can I get in touch with the escort and book her directly?

No. Our ladies choose to be represented by our agency to avoid the “hassle” of having to arrange their own calendar and negotiating their own fees.
Too many ladies complain that clients pester them for their email address or phone number. Many say that some clients feel rejected, or “let down” when the lady does not acquiesce to their demand and it can often ruin the memory of a perfectly enjoyable meeting with someone. We would ask you to be a gentleman and not to press the lady for information that she may not want to give.
For those of you who wish to contact a lady directly there are many excellent independent escorts in London and Europe who will be delighted to have you as a client.

Are the rates negotiable?

At Allure we try to keep our rates as reasonable as possible, whilst still having some of the very best companions that London has to offer, so our rates are not negotiable.

Is there an extra charge for couples?

Couple bookings will attract an additional fee of £100 for the first hour and £50 for each additional hour.

Can I have a discount if I become the lady’s regular?

Many of our ladies, especially those at university, rely on the extra income from escorting to pay for their tuition, or perhaps they are saving up for something special, so please do not ask for or expect discounts.

Do I have to pay a taxi fare if the lady visits me?

Taxi fare is applicable on all outcall bookings. We will notify you of the cost at the time of booking and the lady will be more than happy to provide the taxi receipt.
For bookings outside of London, we may ask that you book the lady an Uber on your account but that is something that will be discussed and agreed upon when making the booking.

Why are the services at the ladies discretion?

When dealing with human emotions different days bring different reactions and what is acceptable and indeed pleasurable to the human body can vary from hour to hour. Please respect the decision of the lady and bear in mind that we can have no influence over these matters.

If we get on, can I contact the lady again after the booking?

All of our ladies value their privacy and your discretion. As such they would prefer all further contact to be arranged by the agency.
We would also like to state that the agency does not accept any responsibility for any problems that may arise from you giving your personal information; such as an email address or phone number, to a lady. For your own peace of mind, our best advice is don’t do it.

Can we just meet for a drink to see if we get on?

We do not waive full payment for social meetings, nor do we offer reduced fees.

Can I book one of your ladies for a duo with an escort from a different agency?

Most of our ladies are friends and would prefer to duo with someone that they already know socially and this can only increase your enjoyment of the experience, however, we will of course do all that we can to fulfil your request. We will however need to know who the other lady is and run it past the Allure lady first.

FAQ ‘s at Allure

Overnight Etiquette

The fee structure of the overnight rate is based on the following points.


All overnights must include dinner in a restaurant as opposed to room service. Should you wish to spend an evening with a lady without leaving the confines of your hotel then please note that you will be charged for consecutive hours of private time at the lady’s standard rate per hour. However, you should still provide the lady with food as we do not recommend that any lady drinks on an empty stomach. If you do not wish to pay for consecutive hours of private time then the solution is simple – treat your companion like the lady that she is and take her out for dinner. Furthermore, as an agency we take no responsibility for any issues that may arise from ladies drinking on an empty stomach i.e falling asleep early, being sick etc and it is 100% in your best interest to take sure that some food is consumed. Please remember that you are the host and it is your responsibility to look after your guest.


It is not unreasonable for the lady to be allowed to sleep after 2am and to be allowed a minimum of 5 hours uninterrupted sleep. Whilst it is not appropriate for the lady to languish in bed for 8 hours, it is equally inappropriate for the gentleman to continually wake the lady during the night. If the lady is not given 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep then she is free to leave the booking without reimbursing you So, if you wish to enjoy “breakfast with benefits” in the morning then behave like a gentleman and let the lady have the minimum amount of sleep required.

In the morning

It is considered polite to offer the lady breakfast, whether she accepts or not is up to her. It is also consider polite to brush your teeth and freshen up before any morning fun begins.

Party Bookings

Party bookings, regardless of how many ladies they involve or how long in duration they are not classed as typical overnight bookings nor can they be billed as such. Therefore the overnight rate cannot be applied to them and they will be billed at the consecutive hourly rate for the lady or ladies involved. The overnight rate can only be applied to bookings that adhere to the “dinner and sleep” rule and it does not cover bookings that consist solely of private time. However, we still recommend that food is provided as too much alcohol on an empty stomach is never a good idea.

Multiple Day Bookings

All of the rules for overnight apply to multiple day bookings so please take the time to read them. In addition to the overnight rules the lady must be allowed one full hour to go to the gym each morning and it is not considered reasonable for the lady to forgo this part of her day. If the lady does not want to go to the gym then that is up to her but she must be given the opportunity to do so. Breakfast, lunch and dinner must be provided and you should also ensure that your guest does not go hungry at any point during your time together. Hint: if you see the lady attacking the complimantary fruit basket then she’s hungry! Also, the lady must also be given privacy when using the bathroom and it is not normal to follow her in there. Whilst this might sound like we are stating the obvious it does happening more than you might think. In our opinion this both inconsiderate and, well, just a bit odd, so please don’t do it.