Etiquette When Seeing an Escort

Escort Etiquette

What to do and what not to do on your date – a guide to escort etiquette.

Whether you are planning a one off tryst, or embarking on a regular weekly date, here are some simple rules about escort etiquette you ought to follow: before, during and after seeing one of our ladies. These tips will help you make a lasting impression; hopefully for all the right reasons. Furthermore, following them will enable the lady to give you the very best experience possible.

Politeness – manners make the man

This part starts as soon as you pick up the phone, or fill out a booking enquiry form. It’s ok to be blunt and to the point (we actually like that) and it’s even ok to be a little curt (we get it, you’re probably at work and pushed for time) but if you are rude then it really won’t fill the receptionist with joy and we are unlikely to progress your enquiry onto the next stage. The reason for this is that we will always think that if you are rude to us, then you’ll be rude to the lady and no girl should have to suffer that. Manners cost nothing and everyone’s life is made better by them, so make sure that you remember yours.

If you are meeting the lady at her place (incall), then a polite “hello” when greeting her is the norm. Just treat the lady as you would treat any of your other friends and resist the urge to get physical in the hallway. I recall a couple of occasions when I used to work as an escort, clients coming through the door and immediately trying to snog me before I even had a chance to close the front door. All that I could think was “what will the neighbours think?” and it’s not a great start to a date. I promise you that we will get to that part soon but manners first, please.

Punctuality is the politeness of kings

This is London; traffic is horrific and our lives are busy but if you find yourself running ten minutes late then just let us know. A few minutes is no problem at all and these things happen but it is rude to keep your date waiting. It takes ten seconds to make a phone call and doing so will make the lady feel that you are considerate towards her feelings, therefore ensuring a good start to your date.

Dress to impress

Ok, you’re probably thinking that because you are paying to spend time with a lady that it really shouldn’t matter how you dress. Strictly speaking this isn’t part of escort etiquette but surely you want to make a good impression when you meet your date for the first time, right? No one is suggesting that you have to be “suited and booted” but there really is such a thing as too casual. When visiting a lady please ensure that you are suitably dressed. Just to be clear that means no dirty clothes, no baseball caps or hoodies.

I know that to most of our clientele the last statement might sound staggeringly obvious but you’d be surprised at just how often it happens these days. I can say with 100% certainly that no lady is ever going to feel comfortable opening the door to someone in a baseball cap and hoodie.

Shower – cleanliness is sexiness

Please do not be insulted, or take it personally when you are asked to shower at the start of the meeting. You may well have had a shower this morning, or even before you left your house but London is an extremely grubby city and regardless of whether you took the underground or a taxi, you’ll probably have picked up some city grime along your travels. So if you want to get down and dirty with a lady then take a shower at the start of the meeting and emerge from the bathroom clean, dry and fresh. This will make your companion feel at ease and will lead to a more enjoyable and satisfying time. Mouthwash is also a really good idea (seriously good idea), especially if you have spent the day drinking coffee.

It is worth noting that the lady does have the right to cancel the booking if you fail to live up to her expectations when it comes to matters of hygiene. Rest assured, you will have a much better time if you have a thorough shower at the start of the meeting.

Honesty is always the best policy

We respect honesty and transparency very much in the same way that you do. Furthermore we don’t judge. However, during my time within the industry I have met clients with missing limbs, colostomy bags, automatic insulin pump and a gentleman in a wheelchair; the list is endless but not one person thought to tell me so I could be mentally prepared. Had I known, I would not have refused the meeting as I am comfortable with almost everyone but I must admit that on all of these occasions it was a bit of a shock and I can’t deny that it caused unnecessary awkwardness on both parts. As she is going to find out anyway, is it not just best to be upfront from the start? That way the lady can make an informed choice and then when the pair of you meet, there will be no awkwardness at all.

I have also met clients who have planned activities out of my remit: S&M toys, role plays and fantasies that quite honestly do not fit my fantasy or, more to the point, my skillset. To be blunt, it would have been helpful to know this beforehand, so I could know what to expect. Alternatively if I felt like this wasn’t right for me then I would have preferred to decline the meeting; allowing the gentleman to find someone that did fulfill their expectations.

So don’t make the mistake of assuming that because the lady is a “paid professional” that everything and anything goes. It doesn’t.

Silence is golden – no gossips please

“I saw so and so and this happened” will only make you look like a tattletale. Whilst your date may appear interested, she will also automatically be thinking “will all the details of our date be told to the lady that he books?” and she will always be on guard with you.

Discretion is the number one rule of this game and it works both ways. Please try to remember this and behave like a gentleman. You certainly wouldn’t like it if the lady gossiped about you now would you? Nope, didn’t think so.

Nosey parker’s are not welcome

“Are you single?” “Do you worry that no one will want to marry an escort” “What is your real name?”, are not concerns or questions that need to be addressed in a booking. The lady before you has chosen to be an escort and her reasons for doing so are not your concern. A date with an escort is meant to be care free, no strings, decadent, naughty and be the most amazing experience which will leave you both on a high. Think about the way you speak with a lady and whether you would want similar questions asked of you. If the answer is “no”, then best not to ask!

I hope that most gentlemen will have read the above sub sections and chuckled, thinking “no one makes those gaffes” but occasionally people do, we are all human, even escorts! I want every gentleman to have a pleasurable experience with our ladies and vice versa, it should be the highlight of your day and not a catalogue of errors that leave you thinking “well that was awkward”.

Politeness, punctuality and hygiene go a long way in this world and often get you more “bang for your buck”, remember that and you’ll have a blast. Just follow our escort etiquette guide and you won’t go wrong.

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