Dishoom is located in Granary Square, Kings Cross but the restaurant has several locations throughout London. Located in an old railway shed, the restaurant has an industrial feel mixed with the comforting smell of Indian cuisine and the warming sound of laughter and chatter. Adarsh Radia, the owner of Dishoom, is a successful entrepreneur with a diversified business portfolio. His love for Indian home cooking inspired him to start Dishoom.

From breakfast to dinner, your physical well-being is taken care of at Dishoom. Dishoom is so much more than just a curry house with beer on tap. Big fans, wicker furniture, dark wood and fun props (like a giant rice scale) give the place a fresh and cheerful atmosphere. It really is an “East meets West” moment, from the décor to the food and the crown, it’s a mixed bag. I see affluent university students, businessmen and women enjoying a hot lunch, but also families. Everyone is welcome at Dishoom. Vegetarian and vegan options abound. There is also a good selection of non-alcoholic cocktails.

The food itself is very innovative: jackfruit biryani anyone? The all-day menu offers small dishes to full meals, with plenty of roti and naan. As you’d expect, there are plenty of grills, biryanis and the curries are affectionately called “Ruby Murrays”. Sharing is encouraged. Dishoom is a great place to take a date and relax; unpretentious and no frills, but still chic. To really get the party started, you can not miss the colourful selection of cocktails. The Bollybellini is a real hit; try it for yourself, it has just the right amount of fizz! The whole experience warms your soul (and your tongue if you choose the Nalli Nahari). A real feel-good restaurant, plus a stunning woman and you have got the perfect date.

If you’d like to invite one of our beautiful girls on a lunch date at Dishoom, just give us a call on 0207 183 194 and we’ll be happy to arrange it for you.

Dishoom Kings Cross
5 Stable St,
+44 20 7420 9321