Dinner Date at Lunchtime? Yes!

Dinner Date at Lunchtime? Yes!

Recently, we have had quite a few phone calls from gentleman saying that they never knew it was possible to have a “dinner date” at lunchtime followed by a couple of hours, back at the lady’s place, for some fun. Well, not only is it an option, but I can tell you that lunchtime dates are almost as popular as dinner dates – especially since many of you have to be home at a certain time. As long as the format remains the same – two hours of eating at a restaurant and two hours of private time – you can have lunch, afternoon or evening dinner dates. The private time can be spent at her home or yours, it’s entirely up to you..

Lunchtime “dinner dates” – A flexible format

We all know that sluggish feeling that comes after a three-course meal with a bottle of red wine, and at such moments the thought of a nap seems more tempting than gymnastics in the bedroom – believe me, you are not the only one who feels this way! So if you want to feast like a king, by all means enjoy your private time first; work up an appetite and then finish your date with a civilised lunch or dinner for two. Whatever suits you best, we are here to cater to your needs.

If dining out is too formal for you, you can also invite the lady to your home for lunch or dinner, as we described in our blog post “Dinner Dates at Home – the New Normal“. You can either cook for the lady and impress her with your cooking skills or order a takeaway meal, relax and chat before having fun together. Many of our gentlemen say they enjoy this type of date because they feel it really makes the experience with a girlfriend for them.

A step too far?

While we want you to enjoy a fabulous lunchtime date, there is such a thing as taking it a step too far, namely when you ask the lady to cook for you. Yes, this has really happened, and the answer remains a resounding “no”. I know it’s funny, but some people really want to try and get their money’s worth, or (more importantly) feel that the lady is making an effort to accommodate them. We want you to laugh, get to know each other and have a bloody good time, but we do not want one of our ladies running around Waitrose and then worrying her head about what to cook you for lunch or dinner; frankly, that’s not part of her job.

As mentioned above, we are very happy to invite you to do a “dinner date” at lunchtime provided you have all of the above; do not insult the lady by asking that she cook for you.

Last but not least

Just for clarity (since this has happened before): 4 hours in a hotel room with a club sandwich and fries from room service doesn’t meet our definition of a meal or lunchtime date and therefore will be charged at full price for 4 hours of private time. Some men may think this is a clever way to spend more “private time” with the lady, but seriously, it makes them look like “penny pinchers” trying to squeeze every penny out of their date. Not cool. While all of our ladies are full professionals (in the best sense of the word), this kind of behaviour really doesn’t pay. Luckily, it doesn’t happen that often as the vast majority of our clients are gentlemen, but it shouldn’t happen at all. So “be “a gentleman”, book a table in a restaurant and then enjoy a few hours with one of our beautiful girls.

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