Core by Clare Smyth

Core by Clare Smyth

In the heart of Notting Hill is Core by Clare Smyth, which has been awarded not one, not two, but three Michelin stars.

Everyone raves about the service at Core by Clare Smyth, which sometimes seems rushed and almost forgettable in a big city like London – but not here. The ambience is quiet but warm and inviting. The food is beautiful and exquisite.

One of our ladies said this about Core by Clare Smyth…

“I love the whole experience Core by Clare Smyth. As soon as you enter the restaurant you’re greeted like an old friend, which I appreciate. The classic tasting menu with wine pairing isn’t to be missed. A true culinary experience. It saddens me that British cuisine has a bad reputation worldwide when there are restaurants like this. The lamb carrot and potato rolls are excellent. The core teezer for dessert is downright sexy and tastes so fabulous and indulgent. A wonderful evening; considering how many Michelin stars there are, this is a rare treat in the city of London. Considering Clare is the protégé of a notorious chef who shouts and swears a lot, she’s so friendly and accommodating it’s almost comical to know her background. I love this place and would love to visit again and again. Highly recommended.”

The menu is simple and consists of two categories. Core Classics: simple but sophisticated dishes that regulars know and love. The other part of the menu is “Core Seasonal” with fresh and innovative dishes depending on the season. The desserts may be tiny, but they’re very tasty. The wine selection is huge and you should definitely choose the matching wines to enjoy the overall experience.

Sometimes you have to wait up to four months to dine at Core by Clare Smyth so plan ahead and make reservations to have a special experience. A decadent and delicious experience. Picture this: You’re wearing your favourite shirt, you have a stunning girl on your arm, you’re drinking a cocktail, you’re feeling relaxed and you have an exceptional dinner with attentive service ahead of you, before you experience even more magic with a stunning girl in your hotel suite.

If you’d like to enjoy a decadent evening on the town with one of our ladies, give us a call on 0207 183 1094 and we’ll be happy to find the perfect companion for your dinner date.

Core by Clare Smyth
92 Kensington Park Rd
W11 2PN