Canton Blue

Canton Blue

Canton Blue and it’s little sister too, Little Blue

Canton Blue says Nei hou to London. This fabulous Cantonese restaurant has just opened its doors in London at the majestic Peninsula Hotel. A brand new foodie hot spot just off Hyde Park corner with an adjacent chic cocktail bar, Little Blue. You can access the restaurant via the Peninsula’s main entrance which is guarded by two giant white lions as all their hotels are. Also accessible via Canton Blues’ very own entrance, the side doors on Grovesnor Crescent. A spiral staircase decorated with large blue and white Ming style vases take you to Canton Blue.

A design journey from China to England

Designed by Hong Kong interior designer Henry Leung who took inspiration the Keying, a vast Fuzhou trading ship. The Keying was a much celebrated sea vessel of it’s time. Sailed from China via America to England. Queen Victoria even visited the boat when it was docked at Blackwall in 1848.

Dramatic and bold yet sumptuous and comfortable, Canton Blue is a super sleek and sexy restaurant ideal for a hot date. Back-lit private booths and symmetrical dining tables perfect for a long lingering dinner date. Ornate Cantonese porcelain, carved wooden furniture and a large navigation map on the ceiling pay homage to the restaurants supposed heritage. If you are feeling super generous then Canton Blue has two private dining rooms; The Silk Room and The Music Room. Decorated with dragons and birds, these rooms are truly spectacular. Intricate tapestry from the curtains to the cushions scream opulence adding to this luxurious and decadent Cantonese culinary experience.

At Little Blue, behind the bar you will see many tiny wooden apothecary boxes. Much like the ones you see at Chinese herbalists. Drawing more inspiration from the Keying junk ship that travelled the spice trade routes. Blue and white porcelain is prevalent throughout this beautiful bar. Red accents in the form of lanterns and Chinese knots, said to bring good fortune give a splash of colour. Altogether an incredibly stylish venue for a romantic aperetif.

A wealth of experience

Canton Blue and Little Blue may be the new Cantonese restaurant and bar on the block in London but it is ran with a wealth of experience. The head chef, Dicky To is firmly part of the Peninsula staff family. Having previously worked at The Pensinula’s Shanghai, Hong Kong and Paris properties. Mixologists at Little Blue have come from Cheval Blanc in Paris and beyond. Furthermore the restaurant manager held the same role at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the nearby Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge.

Dinner date featuring dim sum

Canton Blue is sure to impress even the most discerning dinner date companion. Head Chef Dicky To uses British ingredients to create his Cantonese style dishes. Expect all your Cantonese classics but with a few innovative and expensive twists. The dim sum menu features Cantonese favourites such as Har Now (shrimp), Xiao Long Bar (pork) and vegetable dumplings. The a la carte menu at Canton Blue offers Peking duck served in two courses with pancakes to start then as a wok stir fry. However, the lobster main is not as Cantonese as one would expect. Braised in stilton but sautéed with ginger and spring onion. Very East meets West.

In summary, an exceptionally impressive and authentic Cantonese dining experience. We believe that any lady would be delighted to dine at the beautiful Canton Blue.

Canton Blue
The Peninsula Hotel
1 Grosvenor Place
London, SW1X 7HJ
+44 203 959 2888