Boutique London Escort Agency

Boutique London Escort Agency

The Cambridge Dictionary says that ’boutique’ means a small, fashionable shop. So what does this mean in relation to a London boutique escort agency? Small” means “small” or “petite”; this perhaps suggests a handful of individually selected ladies, quality rather than quantity, and certainly not dozens of girls.

“Boutique” seems to be on the homepage of every London escort agency, but can a website really claim to be a London boutique escort agency when there are 30+ girls to scroll through? At Allure, we do not think so. Having met all our ladies, it’s hard to imagine really knowing more than 20 girls. How can an agency meet and remember so many girls?

We go so far as to say that we are London’s only true boutique escort agency. We believe that somewhere between 16 – 20 is the optimum number.

If we were to exceed the number of ladies, it would be impossible to ensure that we knew every one personally and therefore we could not recommend them to you accordingly. Ladies also change their appearance regularly, which is of course their right, but it would mean that, for example, a gentleman who prefers blondes would meet a lady who has recently dyed her hair brunette, or a girl who has put on weight and no longer looks like she does in the photos. Knowing the ladies we represent goes a long way to ensuring that you can trust our agency and that we provide you with the best possible service.

Since we know our ladies personally, we can tailor the booking of a date entirely to your wishes and needs.

The presentation of our website is important. It must look inviting, but also be clear and concise. The photos on our site must be accurate and up-to-date. Organising photo shoots for 30-40 girls must be an almost impossible task, which is why so many other agencies show photos that are over a year old, some of them regularly have photos that are anywhere form 2 years to 5 years old!

Why chose a boutique London escort agency as an escort:

You will not just be a number in our phone or a profile on our site, but a valued member of our team.

As a girl in our agency you will benefit from over 20 years of experience and expertise in the escort industry.

Be part of all female led agency that understands and appreciates the role of an escort as we have all worked ourselves at one time or another.

Smaller groups of girls means we are able to focus on your safety efficiently which is of paramount importance to us.

Fewer girls means more bookings per girl; a smaller agency means dinner dates and overnights are more likely to come to you than a larger agency with 30+ ladies.

With 16 – 20 models, we can ensure that your profile information is up to date and your photos are current.

We meet all our girls regularly in person to catch up and exchange information.

We are a progressive agency that works hard on our website to showcase you and always update our website with the latest news and blogs.

Why chose a boutique London escort agency as a client:

All our ladies are recommended so you can easily make an informed choice based on attractiveness.

We meet all our girls regularly so you can be sure that the girl in the photo is the girl you will meet.

We believe that there is no “best girl” in the agency, but there is a best girl for you.

Feedback from our gentlemen is valued, in fact it is very important.

Frequently updated photos and bio’s so you have up to date accurate information.

We understand that your time is precious, so punctuality is key.

However, there is a downside if you are a customer calling late in the day and the girl you want is not available. Sometimes you can get lucky, so it is worth calling just in case.

We are open from 9am so call us soon as you can on 0207 183 1094 to increase your chances of making a date with the girl you desire.