Bob Bob Ricard Soho

Bob Bob Ricard Soho

For 14 years now Bob Bob Ricard has been an exceptionally fun dining experience in London’s Soho.

Bob Bob Ricard is named after Leonid Shutov and Richard Howorth. The two Bobs come from the fact that Leonid, who is also affectionately known as Bob, put up two-thirds of the funding! A fun fact for you all. I digress, because there is much more to this luxurious restaurant than just a slightly odd name. It’s a cosy restaurant with a Russian-Anglo-American twist. You know how it is in London, always a twist and a “fusion”, but here it’s neither pretentious nor annoying. Here you’ll find veal shepherd’s pie, triple-fried crisps and even popcorn in cocktails. Think fun, not formal, but dress to impress.

Restaurants come and go in London; places disappear and a new one pops up in their place. Not so at Bob Bob Ricard, which has been serving delicious food with a fun twist since 2008. If you are a big kid at heart (are not we all?), this restaurant is a must. We love an aperitif and Bob Bob Ricard does not disappoint. If you are persistent enough, you should treat yourself to a -18 degree cold vodka to get things rolling! Just kidding, you want to remember the evening, especially if you are in the company of a beautiful lady! The cocktails here are very creative: cucumber martinis or a strawberry and peach bellini with champagne foam. It really is a culinary and alcoholic fair for adults.

When you are ready to eat, Bob Bob Ricard in Soho has everything you need: Chicken Kyiv, Chateaubriand and fries, lovely fries. Did I mention fries? Truffle fries, to be precise. If you are romantically inclined, there are oysters, and if you are in a generous mood, caviar is on offer. I must stress that you should definitely leave room for dessert: melting chocolate bombs, popcorn cups and all the most wonderful naughty treats you can dream up in your chocolaty, sweet dreams.

This wonderful Soho restaurant is an absolute favourite of our girls, and if you are visiting London, you should definitely go there.

Update: The Bob Bob Ricard family is growing with restaurants in The City and now the new, younger sibling Bébé Bob which is also in Soho.

Bob Bob Ricard
1 Upper James Street