Bébé Bob

Bébé Bob

Bébé Bob the younger more relaxed brother to Bob Bob Ricard has arrived in London

Say hello to Bébé Bob, the baby sibling to Soho’s famous Bob Bob Ricard. Now that Bob Bob Ricard is now 15 and all grown up it is time for the restaurant to branch out. Based just around the corner from it’s big brother in the Golden Square, this new kid on the block is the perfect dinner date venue. Just add a beautiful companion for a great night out.

“Quite possibly most glamorous rotisserie out there”

If you like chicken, truffle fries, caviar and champagne then this is going to be your idea of heaven. Because to be honest, there is not a lot else to eat here. At the risk of sounding like a high end Nando’s you really do have to be a fan of chicken. Remember Henry Ford introducing the Model T in 1919? We hope not, as that would make you 104 but it seems the same philosophy he had about car colour has been applied to the Bébé Bob menu.

“Any colour the customer wants, as long as it’s black.” – Henry Ford

“Any main course the customer wants as long as it is chicken or chicken.” – Bébé Bob

Bébé Bob does exactly what is says on the tin. Rotisserie chicken for one or for two to share. A small selection of starters, a few sides and then some calorific desserts. I suppose it is not unlike all the steak frites restaurants that have been popping up all over London such as Le Petit Beefbar and Le Relais de Venise l’Entrecôte. There is something nostalgic about this new restaurant, it is almost like it is 1985. Whether it is the prawn cocktail starter or the apple tart and ice cream or maybe the scarlet red carpet I am not sure. It conjures up a warm, reassuringly nice feeling of days pre smart phones that’s for sure.

No “press for champagne’ here

Whilst you will not find the famous “press for champagne” button here you and your date can certainly enjoy a bottle of Moet, Bollinger, Dom Perignon or Krug. Both Bob Bob Ricard and now Bébé Bob offer a fantastic selection of wines and champagnes. You won’t pay over the top here either, in fact the most expensive bottles of red, white and champagne are all under £200. Classic cocktails are also on offer here so you can really let your hair down.

The family resemblance is strong

The bold decor choices are familiar. Very much like Bob Bob Ricard there are flamboyant design choices at every turn. We are on the cusp of Soho and Mayfair after all. Much like it’s older brother this restaurant has a cosy intimate feel whilst still being a flash London venue. Gold, red and black accents ensure that you remember that you and your gorgeous date are dining “up West”. The atmosphere here is fun. Whilst it is a more casual affair than the original restaurant it is still a smart London eatery. Perfect for a first dinner date with a gorgeous companion.

If you have been allured by Bébé Bob and would like to make a date with one of our gorgeous models then please get in touch. Call us on 0207 183 1094 today.

Bébé Bob
37 Golden Square
+44 207 242 1000