: A contribution to the lady's taxi fare is applicable on ALL outcall bookings.

Unlike most other London agencies we do not automatically charge an additional fee of £50 for outcalls but we do request that you contribute to the lady's taxi fare when she comes to visit you.

You may not realise this but many other agencies charge a higher rate for outcall at the lady's request as some gentleman aren't very forthcoming when it comes to handing over cab fare and this usually results in the lady requesting that her outcall rate to be increased by £50 in order to reimburse her travel costs.

This results in 3 things;

: The lady gets her travel costs covered.

: You pay a higher outcall rate regardless of where you live and sometimes you will have to pay taxi fare on top of the outcall rate depending on the agency.

: The agency makes commission on the extra £50 as it is now part of the lady's fee.

At Allure we believe that only the first point is important and we have no need to earn commission on the taxi fare.

However we do need the lady's taxi fare to be covered.

So please be a gentleman and don't try to wriggle out of it or to pretend that you didn't know about the taxi fare or say "the agency didn't tell me as the lady won't believe you and we can assure you that it is not a brilliant way to start a booking.

: For all bookings outside the London postcodes of W1,WC1, WC2, SW1, SW3 full taxi fare must be covered at all times of day.

If you live inside these London postcodes then the lady will be happy with a contribution towards her cab fare but if you are outside these areas then full cab fare will be requested.

: For all bookings after 10pm full taxi fare both ways must be paid.*b*

Regardless of what postcode you are in we would ask that you pay the full travel costs for the lady after 10pm.