T's & C's For Longer Bookings


: All overnights must include dinner in a restaurant and a reasonable amount of sleep.

: Any extended overnights or standard overnights starting after 22:00 must include breakfast.

: The overnight rate can only be applied to bookings that adhere to the "dinner and sleep" rule and it does not cover bookings that consist solely of private time.

Should you wish to spend an evening with a lady without leaving the confines of your hotel then please note that you will be charged for consecutive hours of private time at the lady's standard rate per hour.

If you do not wish to pay for consecutive hours of private time then the solution is simple - treat your companion like a lady and take her out for dinner.

Party Bookings...

: Party bookings, regardless of how many ladies they involve or how long in duration they are, are not classed as typical overnight bookings.

Therefore the overnight rate cannot be applied to them and they will be billed at the consecutive hourly rate for the lady or ladies involved.